PHONE NUMBER : 092 550 509
PHONE NUMBER : 092 550 509
Duration: 01 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
  • City Tour In 3 Hours
  • Enjoy World Famous Restaurant
  • Wine Tester Trips
  • Night Street Life in Downtown
Price: $1,500

Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri provinces are both set on a plateau, giving them a distinct climate and flora from the rest of the

country. Note that just as the environment is oddly unique for Cambodia — with rolling, grassy hills and valley rivers — so are the very mild temperatures. In the cool season, you’ll appreciate having a jacket. While many may have an image in their mind of Mondulkiri being a heavily forested nature-lovers paradise, this is sadly not the case. Firstly, the high altitude and cooler weather makes the landscape more akin to England than the tropics, with low shrubs, deciduous forests, and vast, open fields spreading across the rolling hills.

Mondulkiri’s beauty is still very much intact, with patches of forest, picturesque plains lined with wide, open dirt roads, streams and waterfalls, and minority villages whose traditional ways of life remains intact.Locates at Sen Monorum District in five-kilometer distance from the provincial town by red soil trail, Along either sides of the trail, there are industrial plantations like rubber, coffee and cashew as well. The local people usually meet each other at Sen Monorum waterfall during the holidays and national festivals